What is Real Time Kinematic in agriculture?

emlid reach time kinetic agriculture for surveying and mapping

Real Time Kinematic (RTK) technology is a sensor used to measure an object's position and orientation. Real Time Kinematic technology in agriculture has been increasing over the past few years. The main reason for this increase is that it helps farmers plant crops more efficiently and get a better yield. Real Time Kinematic precision agriculture is a technology that allows farmers and agribusinesses to map their plantations and then use that information to guide their tractors and other agricultural equipment. It is used to achieve accuracy in mapping and managing crops. 

RTK utilized the global positioning system (GPS) receivers to pinpoint a location within a few inches. This accuracy allows farmers and agribusinesses to place seeds and fertilizer in specific spots in their fields, improving their farming operations' efficiency. RTK precision farming also assists farmers and agribusinesses in tracking their crops as they grow. All information gathered by RTK is essential for them to decide when harvesting and know how to use their land best and reduce the amount of waste produced due to their farming operations.

The advantages of Real Time Kinematic in agriculture

RTK in agriculture for broad-acre and specialized purposes includes drainage, drip irrigation, land leveling, planting, seeding, and spraying. The following are some of the benefits of using RTK for precision agriculture:

  • Field efficiency increased as a result of decreased overlapping.

  • Much more save for operating resources such as fertilizer. 

  • Possibility of extending the time spent in the field, such as at night.

  • By maximizing machine utilization, you can save money on fuel.

  • Consistent driving performance, even in low-light situations.

RTK GPS receivers for agriculture

Agricultural businesses, especially in urban farming that use RTK GPS equipment, do so for various reasons. They use a GPS surveying set to stake out their plantations and use it for equipment control or automated driving. As an AgriTech enabler company, Avirtech, in partnering with Emlid, also offers affordable and easy-to-use RTK GPS suitable for agriculture surveying and mapping needs. Here are Emlid products for your surveying toolkit. 

Emlid Reach RS2 

Emlid Reach RS2 is a multi-band RTK GNSS receiver with centimeter precision, excellent surveying, mapping, and navigation toolkit. Following are Reach RS2's advantages:

  1. In RTK function, centimeter precision can be reached across distances of up to 60 km, and in PPK configuration, up to 100 km.

  2. It supports PPP, so you can now get centimeter-precise results in any place on Earth. 

  3. Reach RS2 has a moderate 3.5G HSPA modem with 2G backup and worldwide coverage.

  4. Even in extreme cold, the power can last up to 22 hours of independent operation when logging data and 16 hours as a 3G rover—no need to carry extra batteries.

emlid reach rs2 time kinetic agriculture for surveying and mapping

emlid reach rs+ time kinetic agriculture for surveying and mapping

Emlid Reach RS+

Emlid Reach RS+ is a centimeter-level precision single-band RTK GNSS receiver for surveying, mapping, and navigation. Following are Reach RS+'s advantages:

  1. It is designed for harsh conditions; dense forests, mountains, frost, heat, and water.

  2. It can be held 1 meter deep underwater for half an hour.

  3. The power can last to 30 hours. Industrial LiFePO4 battery that does not die when cold. Charges over USB from a power bank.

Emlid Reach M2/M+

Emlid Reach M2/M+ is an RTK GNSS module for UAV mapping, positioning with centimeter accuracy in RTK and PPK for precise UAV mapping with fewer GCPs which enables:

  1. Camera synchronization. Typically, the camera is triggered by autopilot, which records the coordinates it holds at the time. When the drone is flying at 20 m/s and GPS is operating at 5 Hz, your autopilot will only receive position measurements every 4 m, which is insufficient for exact georeferencing.

  2. Eliminate delay between the trigger and the actual moment of the photo. Each photo's timing and coordinates are logged with less than a microsecond precision. GCPs can only be used to assess your accuracy with this method.

emlid reach m2m time kinetic agriculture for surveying and mapping

To sum up, all information gathered by RTK is essential for them to decide when harvesting and know how to use agribusinesses and farmers' plantations best and reduce the amount of waste produced due to their farming operations. To support and fulfill mapping and surveying needs, Avirtech also delivers RTK GPS pieces of equipment designed by Emlid.

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