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Water level

Water level monitoring aims to Improve accuracy rates and increase operational efficiency.


Protecting people and the environment from the risks of flooding and water scarcity.
Increase data accuracy

Accurate data is critical to making informed decisions regarding flooding and water scarcity.

Reduce manual measurement

Reduce manual measurement efforts through the implementation of automated data collection.

Reduce energy consumption

Reduce energy consumption by Implementing energy-efficient hardware and optimized data transmission.

Key features

Accurate and real-time water level data is essential for making quick and informed decisions.
Biota platform
avirlink device
Avirlink Device
Real-time monitoring
IoT sensor integration
Remote monitoring
Network activity
Alert Notification
Integration with external system
Data visualization & Analytics
Data security & Privacy
Scalability & Flexibility
User-friendly interface
Historical data storage & Analysis
Regulatory compliance
Predictive AI algorithm


Showcasing sustainable practices and enhanced productivity.

The power of IoT in agriculture

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