avirtech is a precision agriculture technology company in Asia
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Mapping: Topography Emlid – Reach RS+


Centimeter-level precision single-band RTK GNSS receiver For the purposes of surveying, mapping, and navigation. There’s a smartphone app included.

Avirtech emlid reach rs+ for precision agriculture commercial use

Available on iOS & Android

Surveying with ReachView 3

The most user-friendly software for data collection Supports thousands of coordinate systems and is translated into multiple languages.

With ReachView 3, you can collect and stake out points and control all the features of Reach receivers, such as setting up a base station, logging RINEX data, and configuring NMEA output.

Avirtech reach view 3 in emlid for better surveying with precision agriculture technology equipment
Avirtech point collection in emlid reach rs for precision agriculture technology company needs

Point collection: Save points, and export data to CSV

Each position should be recorded as a point with centimeter-level precision. Projects can be exported and opened in GIS or CAD software such as AutoCAD, ArcGIS, QGIS, and others. WGS84, NAD83, GDA2020, and other coordinate systems are used.

Coordinate systems based on WGS84, NAD83, GDA2020, and others

Stakeout: Find point’s position on the ground

Stakeout is a technique for determining the exact physical location of points.

They can be imported from other CAD or GIS applications or collected in ReachView.

Avirtech stakeout for precision agriculture technology equipment

Logging in RINEX: Record raw data, position, and base correction logs

Keep a track of the raw data, position, and base corrections. RAW data point gathering and recording are separate operations that can be used at the same time. For logging configuration and control, ReachView features a simple and clear interface.

Avirtech emlid reach rs+ logging in rinex


Avirtech emlid reach rs+ for precision agriculture in mapping
  • Real-time position streaming in NMEA

    Most GIS apps accept data in the standard NMEA format, which Reach delivers. Connect your device to Reach through Bluetooth or a cable, then enable “Position output” in ReachView.

  • Reach can turn on and off automatically

    Reach can switch on and off in time with a connected external battery via RS-232.
    When the power button is difficult to reach, this is useful.
    For instance, if the receiver is mounted on the tractor’s roof. For instance, if the receiver is mounted on the tractor’s roof.

  • Compatible apps :

    MachineryGuide, AgriBus-Navi, Efarmer, Agripilot, and others

  • Position streaming :

    Interfaces RS-232, TCP, Bluetooth
  • NTRIP or another Reach as a base station

    As a source of corrections, Reach RS2 requires a base station. In RTK and PPK, centimeter accuracy is a prerequisite. Another Reach RS2 receiver or an NTRIP service might serve as the base. VRS can also be used. Over any link, the Reach RS2 works flawlessly with other Reach receivers. Reach RS2 works seamlessly with other Reach receivers over any link.

  • Input and output corrections

    Interfaces: TCP, LoRa, Bluetooth, RS-232, NTRIP Formats: RTCM3

  • Max distance from a base

    Up to 10 km in RTK
    20 km in PPK
Avirtech emlid reach rs+ ntrip base station

Reach RS+ is built to withstand the elements.
Reach can endure dense forests, mountains, frost, heat, and water.

Avirtech team is testing emlid reach rs+
  • IP67

  • For half an hour, it can be held 1 meter deep underwater.

  • Working temperature: -20°C to +65°C Is unafraid of both heat and cold.

  • Industrial LiFePO4 battery that lasts 30 hours and doesn’t die in the cold. Charges from a powerbank through USB.