Avirtech awarded GTI from Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation and Iskandar Investment Berhad

Avirtech awarded GTI

Avirtech, a precision AgriTech leader in Southeast Asia, has been awarded Global Testbed Incentives (GTI) from Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), administered by Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB). Avirtech is the first receiving company and is recognized for its capabilities for positive impact on Malaysia agriculture. GTI is a pilot project covering a subsidy scheme to encourage international technology businesses to develop their products in Malaysia, positioning Malaysia as an ASEAN technology hub.

Agriculture is an important sector in Malaysia with a high potential to sustain growth and contribute more to the economy. Avirtech that partners with IIB, will provide the necessary tools, support, and resources to enable the agricultural sector to utilize the Internet of Things (IoT) and drones innovations to the fullest potential. Moreover, it will help improve Malaysia's agricultural product quality and quantity and create high-value jobs in the process.  

The Malaysian government has been investing in the agriculture sector. They also implement programs to improve productivity, such as the mechanization of agriculture and the application of science and technology. As part of this mission, Avirtech is here to facilitate agribusinesses with precision agricultural technologies, from drones and sensors for precision massive spraying and mapping, sustainable irrigation water management, land surveillance, and long-range management plantation and supply chain management software. 

"Food demand will continue to increase and must be balanced with technology to drive output. Prosperity comes with increasing agriculture yields through automation and upskilling workers. The agricultural process also needs to keep an eye on whether the regulation is safe for employees and the environment. As long as the regulation can keep up with innovation, Malaysia can tap on its vast resources to increase yields and fulfill the global food need by 2050." addressed Wilson COO Avirtech. 

About Avirtech 

Avirtech provides crop intelligence, including plantation control systems for monitoring site conditions through aerial and ground information, such as topography, crop health, soil quality, rainfall and farm operations activity, and other processes necessary for production cycles. Avirtech's solutions provide optimization for crop yield and reduce cost for plantation.

Through precision agriculture and enabling data-driven insights, Avirtech accelerates the digitalization of plantations to solve workforce shortages and improve long-term sustainability.

Avirtech solutions tri-prong approach includes remote sensing for plantations using drones, detailed insights using ground sensors, and precision spraying for crop protection.

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Email: info@avirtech.co

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About GTI

Global Testbed Incentives (GTI) is a pilot project covering a subsidy scheme to encourage international technology businesses to develop their products in Malaysia, positioning Malaysia as an ASEAN technology hub.

About IIB 

Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB) is a primary player developing Iskandar Malaysia into a regional metropolis with international influence. IIB was established in November 2006 to ensure that Iskandar Malaysia maintains its successful track as a desirable investment destination and a dynamic liveable region through catalytic and high-impact projects.

IIB dedicates to leading Iskandar Malaysia's economic and environmental sustainability and assuring equitable growth for local Iskandarians through job and income possibilities.

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