Why drones for fertilizer and pesticide spraying are the future of agricultural technology

Precision agriculture enables drones for fertilizer and pesticide spraying to spray more precisely

Since first cultivated for food, plants have been better protected against pests and diseases. Pesticide is a type of treatment material for plants that serve to eradicate pests. In general, some of the functions of these pesticides include controlling, rejecting, and stopping many plant-disturbing organisms. Pesticides utilize in a wide range of sectors, with agriculture being one of the most vital—two types of pesticides are widely used in agriculture: organic and inorganic. However, farmers and agribusinesses prefer using chemicals to inorganic as a practical way of reacting very quickly and efficiently on a wide scale. Of course, the chemical substance has side effects on humans. Studies explained pesticide exposure affects farmers' conditions and could cause symptoms such as mild skin problems or other allergic symptoms and more severe conditions such as a bad migraine, dizziness, or stomach pain. And so, agronomist recommends an innovation to reduce pesticide exposure for farmers. Drones are the future of agricultural technology. They provide a more cost-effective and efficient way to spread fertilizers and pesticides across large fields. Without drones, farmers and agribusiness would have to spend $5 million to purchase an airplane to cover the same area. Drones can cover up to 10 acres in just 20 minutes, much faster than driving a tractor and spraying manually. Drones are also used for aerial spraying of pesticides that can spray more precisely. It helps reduce the number of wasted chemicals because the drone can target areas that need it most. 

How high-flying drones help farmers reduce input costs

Drones have been a hot topic in the media. They use for various purposes, from surveillance to search and rescue missions. But what about drones as tools to help farmers and agribusinesses? Farmers and agribusinesses can use drones to monitor their crops, identify pests or diseases early, and even spray pesticides more precisely. Farmers and agribusinesses use drones to monitor their crops, identify problems or conditions early, and even spray pesticides more precisely. The farmer and agribusinesses control drones with the help of an on-screen display that has a live feed from the drone's camera. These drones can fly over fields to take pictures and videos of crops, which farmers and agribusinesses monitor plant health and growth. 

Drone spraying is the future of agricultural technology

The agricultural industry has been facing a lot of challenges. The use of pesticides and herbicides is not sustainable, and the cost of fuel for tractors has gone up. Drones provide an innovative solution to these problems. Farmers and agribusinesses can use drones to spray pesticides and herbicides on crops without worrying about the harmful effects that they could have on the environment or workers.

Avirtech spraying drones

Sustainable agriculture is a bridge for farmers to produce higher quality harvested products, reduce costs, and reduce the risk of work accidents exposure to chemical pesticides. The use of drones for agriculture has been studied and can use as a precision agricultural tool in this digitalization industry era. There are many benefits of drones; seed dispersal, mapping, soil analysis, spraying. To support the needs of sustainable agriculture and as a driving force for the digitalization of smart farming, Avirtech delivers various types of drones that are very useful and help mass and effective spraying. Here are Avirtech's drones for fertilizer and pesticide spraying that you can use. 

Aviro D16 Drone 

avirtech d16 spraying drones for agriculture pest and fertilizer control

D16 Drone is a gimbal spraying nozzle Drone equipped with an extension rod for spraying and features a high-pressure fan-shaped spray and a quick connection. It gives practically access to reach pest points on trees that are not visible or accessible, sprays pesticide liquid quickly and 98% accurately, and works multiple times faster than the manual process. The sensors inside it allow easily detect the health of trees to newly planted trees quickly. Learn more

E16 Drone

avirtech e16 spraying drones for agriculture pest and fertilizer control

E16 Drone is a specialized spraying drone that sprays fertilizers or pesticides for plantations with excellent efficiency, durability, flexibility, and accuracy. It increases your productivity and reduces waste time by delivering efficient land usage with up to 40times faster spraying. Yet, cost-saving with lower water and chemical waste. Learn more

XAG XP 2020

avirtech xagxp2020 spraying drones for agriculture pest and fertilizer control

XAG XP 2020 is renowned as the Ultimate Agriculture Drone that provides new dimensions of operation efficiency, precision, and safety by relentlessly improving with eyes on every aspect that builds the optimal form of industrial design. It improves the cost-effectiveness of agricultural spraying and granular spreading by harnessing more power to sustain a bigger payload. Learn more

XAG R150

avirtech xagr150 spraying drones for agriculture pest and fertilizer control

XAG R150 is an agricultural Unmanned Vehicle platform for precision farming equipment. Besides, it is an autonomous solution for precision crop protection, field survey, on-farm supply delivery, intelligent mowing, effective spreading, and epidemic con control. Learn more

All in all, drones are quickly becoming a huge part of agriculture. With drones, farmers and agribusiness can now monitor their fields and crops and apply fertilizers and pesticides directly to specific areas on the ground instead of spraying everything in sight. Mainly, Avirtech drones for fertilizer and pesticide spraying can give their land greater control and help them grow more food in the future. Please speak to us at info@avirtech.co for further information or demo request. 

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Published At : 24/01/2022 13:50:33


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