Tips to Make Your Agriculture Drones Last Longer

drone maintenance tips from Avirtech

Drones are becoming increasingly popular in the agriculture industry for their ability to cover large areas of land quickly and efficiently. Moreover, agriculture drones require regular maintenance to stay in top condition. Just like any other machinery, drones must be regularly cleaned, lubricated, and inspected to ensure they are safe and reliable. These drone maintenance tips are essential not only for the longevity of the drone but also for the safety and the people and property around them. 

Benefits of Drones in Agriculture

  1. They do not rely on polluting gasoline but instead on environmentally friendly energies.

  2. They are more affordable than choppers and other capital-intensive machines, yet more convenient than other big machinery.

  3. Drones can be operated remotely, minimizing the risk to farmers.

List of Drone Maintenance Tips

"Do drones need maintenance?" is a common question if you are new to using drones in agriculture. Even a drone pilot is essential to care for drones. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your drones and extend their lifespan.

1. Clean the motors regularly

Cleaning your drone ensures no dust, sand, grass, or dirt lodged inside your drone's motors. You can do this with a soft brush. You can wipe down the body of your drone with a clean, wet towel to clean it. Isopropyl alcohol for cleaning the drone's body is a piece of proper cleaning. In addition, it is suggested to monitor and replace the gear oil. Remove the refueling hole to see if the gear oil has deteriorated after one month of constant usage. The initial flight, which has not been utilized in a long time, must also be checked and validated.

2. Check the battery regularly

The drone's battery is essential which can influence your drone's performance. To keep your drone last longer, you need to pay attention to the following things:

  • Don't charge the battery right after a flight because the battery's temperature may be too high.

  • Avoid setting the battery outside of the stated charging temperature range.

  • Always fly only with full batteries.

  • Always store your batteries in a cool, dry place.

3. Place the drones properly

Suitable storage also can ensure your drones on good condition while it is not in use. The storage area must be waterproof, sunscreen-proof, insect-proof, fire-proof, and away from areas where electrical breakdown may occur. Moreover, putting the battery and remote controller in a separate box is essential concerning fire prevention, humidity prevention, and anti-riot sun.

Drone maintenance tips from Avirtech

(Example of Avirtech agriculture drone)

4. Fly in good condition

Flying your drone in harsh conditions affects its performance and battery life. If you force the drones to fly in heavy rain and, winds, intense sun, it will require extra power to match your objectives. As such, it will make your drones last only a short time. 

5. Always fly the drones

The most crucial point is to take the proper steps to make drone maintenance as painless as possible. Pre-flight and post-flight inspections are required. Keep track of everything you do. Keep track of each drone's location, inspections or maintenance performed, and flight completed.

6. Keep software up to date

Before flying the drone, always make sure your drone software is updated. It is essential because drone manufacturers frequently provide updates to address bugs or add features. Furthermore, if your firmware is current, you may be able to fly.

The Benefits of Regular Drone Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure. Carrying out regular drone maintenance can reduce the bad risks in plantations. In sum, doing regular drone agriculture maintenance can bring the benefits such as:

  1. Ensure that the drones are flight-ready and have the maximum time availability.

  2. Aids in the mitigation and reduction of the risk of accidents and crashes.

  3. Reduces costs by extending the lifespan of each drone.

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