Know the difference between agriculture and plantation

The difference between agriculture and plantation is based on definition and characteristics.

Farming and plantations are both types of agricultural production. The terms "farming" and "plantation" are often used interchangeably. Still, there are several differences between farming and plantation, including the type of crops grown, the size of the operation, and the workers involved. Farming is a way of life that has been practiced for centuries. It is a way to provide for oneself and one's family. Plantations, on the other hand, are businesses. They are run to make a profit, not to provide for a family. In detail, in the following paragraph, let's examine the difference between agriculture and plantation. 

What is agriculture?

Agriculture is a crop production technique in which the land is cultivated with various crops. Crops are grown in rows or fields, usually large enough to use modern farm machinery. In other words, farming is an agricultural process that involves activities like planting, harvesting, and raising livestock. Agriculture only focuses on providing for the needs of a growing population. Therefore, they tend to be mono-plants and further reduce biodiversity. Farming products are effortless to find. We can even cultivate some types of crops at home. Agriculture products include rice, corn, cassava, peanuts, soybeans, onions, and carrots.

What is a plantation?

A plantation, on the other hand, is a large agricultural estate that relies on slave labor to produce crops that focus on having one or two crops for commercial purposes, such as cotton, coffee, palm oil, or tobacco. Corporations or wealthy individuals own the majority of plantations. Plantations are more focused on cultivating food crops and developing and improving facilities and the quality of plants. Moreover, plantations promote more about biodiversity and ecological succession. Some plantation products easily find are cocoa, palm oil, tobacco, coconut, and coffee. 

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The difference between agriculture and plantations is based on product characteristics

We can see different types of farming around the world. It is a vigorous activity that demands time, effort, and resources. There are different types of farming, such as rain-fed farming, irrigation farming, and plantation farming. Each of them has other demands and requirements. For example, rain-fed farming requires less water than irrigation farming. In addition, other things reflect the agricultural product characteristic, such as:

  1. Agricultural products cannot survive for a long time without precise handling. It has indeed become a biological and physiological characteristic of farming products.

  2. The agricultural product is seasonal. It means the plant only plant at a particular time. Sadly, this property causes instability in the price of certain products in the market.

  3. Agricultural products are available in a wide variety of quality, which makes grading and standards reasonably challenging. Since it can produce with consistent quality, there is no such issue.

  4. The majority of all agricultural products are grown and produced in rural areas. In comparison, the majority of consumers are in urban areas.

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