avirtech is a precision agriculture technology company in Asia avirtech is a precision agriculture technology company in Asia

Aviro D16 Drone

avirtech aviro d16 drones for precision agriculture spraying and pest control

The world's first gimbal sprayer drone 

As the world's first gimbal sprayer drone to perform precision spraying from tree to tree, D16 is a groundbreaking solution to change pest control. D16 administers a specific dosage per tree to reduce chemical wastage while ensuring superior results consistently over a large area. With D16, handling pest attacks such as Oryctes on the spear of palm trees can be done much faster, ensuring a proper maintenance regime for palm trees during a critical growth stage.

Aviro D16 has one of the highest field-proven efficiency and mobility in the market today, yet cost-effective. It is built to withstand various harsh operating conditions, and its RTK flying provides centimeter accuracy tree to tree operation. D16 can quickly fly and follow the terrain plantation with a built-in contour following sensor. Additional obstacle avoidance will ensure the highest flight safety and reduce the crash risk to the environment or pilot errors. D16 is an efficient field operation for:

  • information on pest points per tree
  • the health of newly planted trees
  • soil moisture levels to farmers and businesses
  • tree to tree spraying