avirtech is a precision agriculture technology company in Asia avirtech is a precision agriculture technology company in Asia

XAG XP 2020

Because it is a high-performance unmanned aerial system created for the best smart agriculture solution, the XAG XP 2020, also known as XPlanet Agricultural UAS, is renowned as the Ultimate Agriculture Drone.

It provides new dimensions of operation efficiency, precision, and safety by relentlessly improving with eyes on every aspect that builds the optimal form of industrial design.

XAG XPlanet improves the cost-effectiveness of agricultural spraying and granular spreading by harnessing more power to sustain a bigger payload. Delivers more accurately and safely in less time.

Avirtech XAG XP 2020 Unmanned Ground Vehicle for smart and precision farming

Key Specs of XAG XP 2020

  • Delivery that is precise and efficient. The best performance ever, including rotary atomisation spraying and high-speed airflow granule spreading.

  • Autonomous flight on the All-terrain Preload 3D landform, with improved flying safety.

  • Positioning at the CM-level with RTK
    To navigate with high accuracy, dual RTK and optic flow positioning are combined.

  • Automatic obstacle avoidance in four dimensions is now possible with MIMO 4D Imaging Radar.

  • Capacity: 20 liters maximum
    Alternatively, 12L/16L (liquid) and 16L (solid) flexible support (granule).

  • SuperCharge for 15 minutes
    Nonstop functioning is provided by two smart batteries and one Auto SuperCharge Station. .

  • IP67 Waterproofing
    Simple to clean, highly modularized, waterproof, and dust-resistant.

  • Variable-rate AI Prescription Map Application: With little, you can achieve more.

With XAG XP 2020 – Precision Spraying, you’ll never be more accurate than you need to be because it’s compatible with both:

  • XAG iRASS Spraying System
  • JetSeed™ Spraying System

The XAG XPlanet Granule Spreading System is designed to expand the scope of precision agriculture applications. Nothing is wasted, from planting to crop spraying to granular spreading; only the correct amount of everything is supplied precisely where you need it.

XAG iRASS Spraying System

High-speed centrifugal forces are used by iRASS to create micron-sized droplets that are equally adherent to both the front and back surfaces of crop leaves.

A strong downdraft beneath the propellers minimizes drifting even more, allowing for more chemical deposition.

Avirtech XAG iRASS Spraying System for precision spraying agriculture

JetSeed™ Spraying System

Avortech JetSeed™ Spraying System for smart seeding

An automatic spreading equipment designed to effectively and accurately project 1-10mm granules, like as seeds and fertilisers, into the target environment.

It has a clever built-in feeding mechanism that uses the Bernoulli principle to provide the best spreading uniformity possible.

  • Unparalleled Productivity by 29%, it has been upgraded.
  • The Most Massive Payload Ever Conceived
  • The 20L smart liquid tank was developed after extensive study and testing to strike the optimal balance between increased payload and increased mobility, resulting in a 29 percent increase in aerial spraying performance.

    The level of operational efficiency has never been higher.

  • Breakthrough in Efficiency Spray Width*:
  • Rapid Spray 7m, Fine Spray 4.5mWorking Efficiency*: Rapid Spray 18ha/hr, Fine Spray 10ha/hr Maximum Capacity:20L liquid / 16L granule Spray Width*: Rapid Spray 7m, Fine Spray 4.5m

  • Improved Compatibility

    Switching between spray and spread is a breeze.
    Flexible Capacity: 12L/16L/20L liquid / 16L granule

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