avirtech is a precision agriculture technology company in Asia avirtech is a precision agriculture technology company in Asia


How it works

The First step is to identify:

  • Sprayers with cameras can collect photographs of the spraying area in real time in the field. Machine learning algorithms can recognize weeds in photos and mark them as spraying targets after being trained on input examples of what they look like.
    Farm spraying algorithms can also identify between plants, exclude vacant soil from the spraying range, and label certain weed criteria such as kind or canopy stage.
The Second step is to decide on how to act:

  • An AI analyzes captured images from the camera and use it to estimate for the amount of weeds, robotic nozzles spray a herbicide dose appropriate for the weed’s size and age.
    Farm spraying technology applies herbicides only to targeted plants with exact dosages and avoids regions of open soil, similar to how an inkjet printer applies ink only to targeted locations and in specified colors while avoiding white spaces.
The Third step is to improve based on Analysis
  • Selective spraying can limit the use of chemicals and reduce worldwide pesticide consumption by up to 2.5 billion pounds per year. Farmers can see the exact amount of product used to determine cost savings using analytics that accompany smart spraying systems.
    Spraying with care might save you a lot of money. For a 10,000-acre farm, annual savings might range from $150,000 to $200,000, and the cost of installation may be paid for in two years.

How it helps

How Precision Spraying actually helps:
  • Spray your entire farmland with precision.

  • Travel and spray a limitless number of places of any shape or size, with the exact amount of chemicals you specify sprayed on each spot.

  • Communicate, monitor, and control the entire spraying process at all times.
How Precision Spraying actually helps:
  • Optimize the mission’s profitability using a tangle of data regarding crops, topography, and equipment.

  • Complete the spraying assignment while keeping an eye out for any unexpected obstructions.