How drones boost sustainability management in oil palm plantations

Published At : 08/04/2022 09:48:42

Large oil palm plantations require extra supervision and more human resources. Yet, it can also cause the company's expenses to increase. So it needs multifunctional precision agriculture technology to boost sustainability management in oil palm plantations.


Post-harvest loss causes and how to reduce it

Published At : 04/04/2022 08:39:49

Post-harvest loss is the loss of food that occurs after it is harvested. Food does not get to those who need it because it spoils before reaching consumers. Small farmers in several developing countries frequently lose up to 40% of their crops owing to insufficient storage.


What is food security in agriculture?

Published At : 28/03/2022 14:13:24

Precision agriculture has three main components supporting food security and sustainability: source to field mapping, field analyzing and monitoring, decision support system, and plantation management.


Precision agriculture connectivity application

Published At : 24/03/2022 10:23:15

We understand that quality is vital for your crop. We developed our AgriTech with IoT innovation to help you keep track of your crop production – even while they are in transit, protect the quality, and ensure your supply chain receives the best products possible.


All about farming business ideas 2022

Published At : 22/03/2022 08:09:41

The agricultural business will never die because it is a vital business for survival. And not all farming business is synonymous with growing fruit and vegetables in the fields. Here is a list of farming businesses in 2022 you may try as references.


What are the differences between horticulture and agriculture?

Published At : 18/03/2022 10:18:32

Which field is more important? horticulture or agriculture? There is no easy answer when deciding which area is more critical. They are both types of farming, but there are some differences between these two practices, including their respective goals and scales.