Vegetation indices with drones for better farming analytics

Published At : 18/10/2022 07:12:47

Among the numerous advantages of vegetation indices in remote sensing, data precision and miles-away control are the critical drivers to adopting the handy technology.


How agriculture drone companies aid the farming process

Published At : 13/10/2022 02:57:44

Just as drones can provide an aerial view, drone solutions in agriculture offer a birds-eye perspective and the ability to achieve precise results. Avirtech is a Southeast Asia drone agriculture company that operates in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand to transform conventional into digital agriculture ecosystems.


The Indonesian government showed interest in Avirtech's drones at BUMN Startup Day

Published At : 03/10/2022 08:54:00

Digital ecosystems are a crucial solution to food security. In particular, Indonesia has the population and agriculture potential to support a thriving digital ecosystem, and Avirtech has the innovative technology to solve it. Through the BUMN Startup Day event, Avirtech successfully promoted sustainable farming drones and IoT.


The essential agriculture marketing strategy for your business

Published At : 20/09/2022 06:29:44

A solid agricultural marketing strategy ensures farmers can meet crop production demand. It has evolved to optimize resource use and output management.


Biotechnology: How scientists modify agriculture production

Published At : 15/09/2022 06:31:07

Today, agriculture has already been provided with new possibilities by modern biotechnology. It made it possible to build better plants and animals for the initial time and promised to increase the efficiency of the food processing sector.


Disruptive technology is nothing new in agriculture

Published At : 12/09/2022 05:35:40

Several megatrends are currently driving the need for AgriTech development, and each has the potential to revolutionize the agricultural industry in a significant way. Some of the most critical trends driving this need for AgriTech development.