Why AgriTech Can Aid and Accelerate Southeast Asia Agriculture

Published At : 15/12/2022 08:50:54

Southeast Asia's agriculture sector has faced declining farming productivity and a lack of adopting AgriTech innovation. On the other hand, with digital technologies, there is hope for sustainable growth in this sector.


Climate Smart Agriculture: Benefits and Challenges Farmer Faces

Published At : 12/12/2022 06:35:47

The main goal of climate smart agriculture is to help farmers continue to feed the world while protecting the environment and helping reduce climate change's impacts.


How to Choose Agriculture Drones for Your Business

Published At : 06/12/2022 12:14:57

Are you looking for the best agriculture drone to optimize your farming process and crops? Here are three points to keep in mind when deciding which one to choose.


Avirtech Berkolaborasi dengan Astrocast Kembangkan Satelit IoT untuk Memajukan Sistem Teknologi Pertanian Asia Tenggara

Published At : 02/12/2022 05:47:45

Avirtech adalah pelopor sistem teknologi pertanian presisi Asia Tenggara, dan Astrocast, operator jaringan IoT nanosatelit global terkemuka, berkolaborasi untuk mengembangkan konektivitas Satelit IoT (SatIoT) untuk Avirlink BIOTA.


Avirtech Collaborates with Astrocast & Advances Satellite IoT Connectivity to Boost the Southeast Asia AgriTech System

Published At : 02/12/2022 05:37:16

Avirtech is a precision AgriTech leader in Southeast Asia, and Astrocast, a leading global nanosatellite IoT network operator, collaborates to advance Satellite IoT connectivity (SatIoT) for Avirlink BIOTA.


Tips to Make Your Agriculture Drones Last Longer

Published At : 23/11/2022 13:05:29

Drones are becoming increasingly popular in the agriculture industry for their ability to cover large areas of land quickly and efficiently. But drones require regular maintenance and care to function properly like any machinery.