4 Things How AI Can Create A Brighter Future Farming

Published At : 04/04/2023 03:54:35

AI technology has completely revolutionized how farmers approach crop management, allowing them to make smarter decisions and achieve tremendous success in their farming ventures.


3 Aplikasi Drone untuk Hutan Tanaman Industri di Indonesia

Published At : 28/03/2023 03:12:56

Jenis drone yang digunakan untuk HTI sama seperti pertanian. Umumnya ada tiga fungsi utama drone yang dapat diaplikasikan pada HTI: penanaman benih, penyemprotan, dan pengawasan.


5 Challenges and Solutions Adoption of Agriculture Drone Technology

Published At : 20/03/2023 07:32:42

Unlike large-scale agriculture enterprises, medium and small farmers in rural areas seem very considered when adopting new agriculture technology, including drones. But what makes them less open to modern farming adoption?


Top 5 Modern Farming Machines Made Your Life Easier

Published At : 14/03/2023 06:03:08

While there are many to choose from, the top five are often the most popular among farmers. Here are the most widely used modern farming machines that can make your agriculture working process much more manageable.


Know the Differences Between Sustainable and Modern Agriculture

Published At : 07/03/2023 05:05:58

Sustainable and modern agriculture are essential in creating a better farming system. So, which is better? What is the difference between sustainable and modern agriculture? Can they be combined?


Is It Worth Buying Agriculture Drones?

Published At : 02/03/2023 09:05:07

Farmers in developed countries still question, "Is it worth buying agriculture drones?". Yet these machines are changing the game in the fields. Another option to avoid purchasing agriculture drones is hiring a service company.