How precision agriculture could change farming and food industry in 2022

Published At : 04/01/2022 09:05:48

Agricultural production frameworks have to become more efficient and waste-free. Comprehensive sustainable agriculture strategies and food production are needed. Then how precision agriculture could change the farming and food industry


The role of drones in precision agriculture

Published At : 31/12/2021 08:29:47

Precision agriculture in this industry 4.0 brings benefits. It is certainly cannot be separated from the role of drones. Let's define the role of drones in precision agriculture and how they can make farmers and agribusiness work more manageable


Top 3 common misconceptions about the agribusiness industry

Published At : 26/12/2021 22:15:59

Agribusiness is responsible for many economic aspects of food production. Yet, people have misconceptions about agribusiness. Few people think of agribusiness as simply cultivation in the field, boating in the sea, or domesticating livestock


What is the difference between traditional and modern farming?

Published At : 22/12/2021 10:26:07

Agricultural systems in various parts of the world have evolved due to technological advances and increasing human knowledge. It develops from primitive agriculture, traditional agriculture to modern agriculture. Conventional agriculture started


[News] Aviro D16, the World's First Gimbal Spraying For Pest Control

Published At : 16/12/2021 12:43:28

Precision spraying has never been in higher demand, dwindling human resources and pushing for more sustainable practice. Overuse of pesticides has long plagued the industry, not just for cost but also for a more significant ecosystem impact


Precision agriculture: what benefits and types of it

Published At : 16/12/2021 10:08:13

Precision agriculture, as a new direction in farming, is being successfully engendered by the Internet of Things. You can obtain much more precision agriculture besides these three methods. Find out the advantages of sustainable agriculture for business