IoT solutions for smart farming

Published At : 23/02/2022 06:16:24

IoT solutions enable smart farming techniques to be more effective since they provide depth-analytic data about soil quality, weather data, water level, water quality. See how Avirtech IoT solutions connect a vast plantation with one crop intelligence management.


Aviro M120 Drone: Encouraging palm oil plantation surveillance

Published At : 14/02/2022 09:14:17

The Aviro M120 is a drone specially designed for aerial surveillance and photography. It is equipped with an HD live streaming feature and can fly around the perimeter hourly without disruptions, day or night. The M120 is the perfect way to do plantation surveillance and monitoring in the air.


What are surveying and mapping drones?

Published At : 08/02/2022 08:24:01

Drones in agriculture have enabled farmers and agribusinesses to do more than spray crops. With the help of surveying and mapping drones such as Z1 and M60 drones, you can better manage your land, know what is best for it, and improve crop yields.


Avirtech Aviro series for palm oil plantation

Published At : 07/02/2022 11:17:25

Palm oil is one of the most valuable commodities in the world. It's also one of the most expensive crops to grow. To protect your investment from pests and other environmental challenges, Avirtech offers a wide range of crop protection solutions.


Precision agriculture 4.0: Why we need and how Avirtech does

Published At : 26/01/2022 09:55:53

Avirtech, precision drones agriculture, and AgTech software and solutions provide the edge agribusinesses needed to make smarter decisions and improve crops production and profitability. See how Avirtech can do for your better agriculture production below.


Aviro D16 Drone: The way to respond to agricultural losses due to pests

Published At : 17/01/2022 10:33:31

Agricultural losses can see in many ways. One of the causes of food waste is pests and natural disasters. In palm oil plantations, problems hurt the harvest by killing 25% of dying plants. The use of technology in agriculture, such as drones, can help minimize the loss of crops to pests