Avirtech precision seed shooter drones accelerate reforestation

Avirtech precision seed shooter drones accelerate reforestation

Reforestation has long been recognized as an essential strategy for creating a sustainable future and reducing carbon emissions. It is critical to maintaining biodiversity habitats and necessary for climate change mitigation and adaptation plans in the long term. One of the most popular and essential uses of reforestation is carbon credits, which are becoming increasingly crucial for businesses looking to offset their environmental impact.

Nevertheless, reforestation with the traditional plant is often complex, involves hours of on-site measurements, and is riskier for the workforce. Utilizing drone technology is a solution for modern tree planting programs in this industry 4.0. Current planting with drones is faster, more precise, and safer for workers; it is also accessible in remote locations to plant new crops with little infrastructure.

Avirtech is a precision agriculture enabler in Southeast Asia, delivering its first cost-saving and efficient seed shooter drones. Replanting extensive forests requires more operational costs, including employees, vehicles, and fuel. Also, work fatigue in traditional planting methods can cause inaccuracies in planting, leading to growth failure. In response, Avirtech designed the drone to fly over any terrain and shoot out seeds accurately. It ensures high germination rates, making it possible to grow forests in regions with otherwise poor soil or rugged terrain. At the same time, it works eight times faster than traditional work. 

Modern planting with drones ensures the acceleration process and maintains the quality of the seed. The payload capacity drone can carry covered seed balls with ameliorant materials such as clay, composite, or charcoal that can help increase soil fertility and then spread them at particular locations in hard-to-reach areas. 

Furthermore, the acceleration of planting in forestry and agriculture is vital. With the acceleration process, plants have more time to grow and mature, making the soil fertile. Therefore, Avirtech seed shooter drones can benefit from extensive agriculture restoration projects such as mangroves and others. 

"Velocity ​​and operational cost are two things that can slow down the pace of restoration. On the other hand, we must be able to move quickly to minimize the effects of climate change. Therefore, drone technology can be a way to accelerate reforestation pace at an affordable cost." Rendy, CEO of Avirtech. 

About Avirtech 

Avirtech provides crop intelligence, including plantation control systems for monitoring site conditions through aerial and ground information, such as topography, crop health, soil quality, rainfall and farm operations activity, and other processes necessary for production cycles. Avirtech's solutions provide optimization for crop yield and reduce cost for plantation.

Through precision agriculture and enabling data-driven insights, Avirtech accelerates the digitalization of plantations to solve workforce shortages and improve long-term sustainability.

Avirtech solutions’ tri-prong approach includes remote sensing for plantations using drones, detailed insights using ground sensors, and precision spraying for crop protection.

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