Aviro M120 Drone: Encouraging palm oil plantation surveillance

drone for palm oil plantation surveillance

Palm oil is an essential ingredient in many products such as soap, cosmetics, and food. No wonder palm oil has high selling power. Palm oil can grow well in the tropics, so many palm oil plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia. The condition of the plantation, which is located in forestry with thousands of hectares and there are gaps around the plantations, allows unwanted activities to occur, such as palm oil theft. Suppose palm oil prices in the market rise, the theft of oil palm fruit will be more common. It appeared in palm oil plantations in Sarawak, Malaysia, last year.

In addition, the blank spot in plantation areas can cause soil nutrients and minerals loss. As a result, the soil will be dry and vulnerable to hot spots that cause sudden fires and wild weeds to grow. So, it is imperative to carry out mapping before planting and regular monitoring to increase crop production. 

However, manual human tracking for thousands of hectares and in-depth inspections is pretty impossible. Similar to mapping, manual mapping without supporting technology will not provide complete information about the state of the land and the topography of the areaIt is why precision agriculture utilizing data-based technology is indispensable to do several things without any restrictions massively and efficiently. 

Palm oil's estate patrol drone with AI and sensors 

Plantation surveillance using drones is a solution for precision agriculture. The land condition that stretches out thousands of hectares is doubtful to be carried out manually by the naked human eye. Aviro M120 drone for palm oil estate patrol is a revolutionary drone surveillance system to patrol, monitor, and protect your property - even when you are a few kilometers away. Facilities AI (Artificial Intelligence), Aviro M120 drone can detect movements including humans and vehicles within its range and any abnormalities in the plantation areas.  

Moreover, surveillance at night is very challenging. The limited lighting in the plantations area made the workforce unable to see every trees' condition. Aviro M120 has a thermal camera with dual zoom 30X RGB and a gimbal stabilizer, recording detailed day and night activities. This thermal also allows capturing palm oil fruit hanging around the tree trunk and its health conditions. 

Coupled with a live HD streaming feature from a distance of kilometers that can record every action in the plantation. To enhance proactive and accurate measures, Aviro M120 is also supported with optional megaphones, LED lights, and a laser range finder to improve bold and precise measurements. 

All in all, regular patrol by the ground workforce while providing security is costly and less effective. With higher labor and transportation costs and time constraints, it isn't easy to have complete coverage. The Aviro M120 drone solves these problems because it can do the same job with far less time consuming and costly. It can fly around the perimeter hourly without disruptions, day or night. Just set your flight plan, and the Aviro M120 drone will take care of the perimeter patrolling. Please talk to us at info@avirtech.co for further information or demo request. 

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