[News] Aviro D16, the World's First Gimbal Spraying For Pest Control

The Aviro D16 Drone is spraying on one of the Indonesian Palm Oil Plantation companies

SINGAPORE, December 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ - Precision spraying has never been in higher demand, dwindling human resources and pushing for more sustainable practice. Overuse of pesticides has long plagued the industry, not just for cost but also for a more significant ecosystem impact.


Avirtech introduces the world's first gimbal-based spraying for high precision, accurate up to a spray radius of 10 cm. Traditional drones have always struggled with spraying with high accuracy due to wind. Aviro D16 Drone solves this by combining high precision RTK geopositioning and nozzles on a gimbal to hit the mark.


Aviro D16 Drone is equipped with a gimbal spraying nozzle and an extension rod for spraying, making it easier to reach pest points on trees that are not visible or accessible to humans.


Proper and regular maintenance of plants is the key to producing superior quality crops. Prevention is better than cure, but working conditions and lack of human resources are obstacles to maintaining maintenance, such as pest and weed control.


The manual application of pesticides by humans also brings harmful side effects for the workers. Drone spraying is safer for the workers, but it is also better for the environment as it uses fewer chemicals and water.


In addition, the accuracy and speed of humans in detecting the presence of pests lag using AI recognition. The palm oil industry is one example that often suffers from crop failure because of pests, resulting in 25% of plants dying, and will delay up the harvest period to 1 year.


Aviro D16 drone also has sensors that can easily detect the health of newly planted trees quickly. This method is hundreds of times faster and more effective than manual inspection by humans. As soon as the sensor reads the pest point, the drone will spray pesticide liquid quickly and 98% accurately.


"Precision agriculture is here to lead the next wave of agriculture revolution, and we hope to stand at the forefront of it to bring the industry in South East Asia to the next level" Wilson, Chief Operating Officer.


"There has been tremendous demand for such precision automation, and we are in the process of conducting commercial studies with clients," Said Lianto, Head of Spraying, Avirtech.



About Avirtech


Avirtech provides crop intelligence, including plantation control systems for monitoring site conditions through aerial and ground information, such as topography, crop health, soil quality, rainfall, farm operations activity, and other processes necessary for production cycles. Through the digital representation of farm assets and enabling data-driven insights, Avirtech accelerates supply-side R&D, precision agriculture, yield prediction, and microinsurance, automating compliance to international standards.


Our three core crop intelligence solutions, smart plantations, imagery, and precision spraying, provide owners with actionable data intelligence to reduce cost and improve yield. Avirtech operates across a wide range of crops, from large-scale plantations such as palm oil, sugarcane to smallholders such as rice, corn, coffee, cocoa to promote sustainable agriculture for a better future.


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