Aviro D16 Drone: The way to respond to agricultural losses due to pests

aviro d16 drone for precision pest control spraying
Agriculture is the backbone of the critical industry, especially in Southeast Asia regions, and helps sustain food security worldwide. Notably, they produce prominent productions like rice and palm oil. Each region's most scenic coastline is subjected to the country's broadest range of geographical hazards. The sector currently faces some challenges, including a shortage of human ability, increased costs for inputs such as water and fertilizer, and a loss of arable land to urban development. Indeed, the overuse of chemical liquids like pesticides can lead to agricultural losses, cost production, and workforce health conditions. It also influences environmental degradation, which has adverse effects on human health and the environment in general. 

What are the consequences of agricultural losses?

Agricultural losses can see in many ways. One of them is the food not produced due to pests or natural disasters. In Southeast Asia, especially in palm oil plantations, pests are a horrible disease to face that can cause 25% of dying plants and delay the harvest period up to a year. Agricultural losses can also refer to the lost resources when crops are not harvested, like water, fuel, and fertilizer. Another consequence of agricultural losses is the loss of income for farmers and businesses who cannot sell their crops or livestock, and failures lead to higher food prices and scarcity.

Moreover, the overuse of pesticides for pest control has proven harmful to agricultural profitability and destroys soil structure. Consequently, it produces a poor quality crop and becomes food waste. 

How to respond? 

Precision agriculture aligning with technology is needed. Currently, farmers and agribusinesses can apply technology to minimize crop losses due to pests, one of which is drones. Drones can make it easier for the workforce to do regular and massive watering and spraying. To sharpen and optimize the drone's function as a sustainable agricultural tool for watering and spraying, Avirtech creates Aviro D16 Drone as the world's first gimbal spraying nozzle and an extension rod for spraying. The feature can reduce the expenses of pesticides and make the spraying more efficient as the Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) geopositioning drone can access up to 10 cm and spray the pest points 98% accurately. 

Comprehensive pest control requires early epidemic detection and treatment application, allowing management to make before pests have entrenched themselves and crop losses. Pest control takes time, and the lack of an accurate or cost-effective analysis model can make it difficult. To emphasize, we adapt data-driven insights for precision agriculture to manage and optimize production while minimizing inputs and environmental impact by implementing sensors in Aviro D16 Drone that can provide:

  • Information on pest points per tree.
  • The health of newly planted trees.
  • Soil moisture levels to farmers and businesses.

With this real-time and accurate data presented, plant maintenance and care can be more effective and reduce energy and time. 

About Aviro D16 Drone 

avirtech d16 drones for agriculture pest control

The Aviro D16 drone features one of the highest levels of field-proven efficiency and mobility on the market today while being cost-effective. It designs to survive various challenging operating circumstances, and its RTK flying ensures centimeter-level consistency from tree to tree. Aviro D16 drone can fast fly and track the terrain cultivation with a built-in contour monitoring sensor. Further obstacle avoidance may secure the highest level of flight safety while lowering the chance of an accident or pilot error. See its technical specification here

As a significant player in digitizing and developing agriculture in Southeast Asia, we will continue to provide innovations for the convenience of sustainable agriculture along with the excellent response given by the media about the Aviro D16 drone. You can find our media coverage response about the Aviro D16 below here. 

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